Here at Diamond Dachshunds we have been raising these wonderful little clowns since 1993.  We have put a lot of time, love, health screening tests, and pride into producing happy healthy dachshund puppies, from our home to yours for a lifetime of companionship.  As your Nevada dachshund breeder, we specialize in true-to-size smooth dachshunds which are under 11 pounds,  we also raise True Kaninchen size dachshunds which will mature around 7 lbs full grown, but here in the USA they are still known as Miniture sized.   We do get the longhair coat from time to time as well, If not, my daughter raises the miniature longhaired dachshund, I would be glad to give you her contact information.  Please click on the links below to navigate through our site.  We hope you enjoy your visit. But most of all, we hope that you find a true and loyal friend here, for every Diamond Dachshunds is a true gem.

Please view our sales information page as we no longer ship our pet puppies, all pet puppies must
be sold and picked up in person, we will drive to meet you at the locations listed, for the fee listed.
Hello and welcome to Diamond Dachshunds,
We are located in Northeastern Nevada
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Diamond Dachshunds
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to be one of those 5
Welcome To Your Nevada
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